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Memorials and Gifts: Saying you remember and care

Memorial gifts are traditionally given at the time of a person’s passing. The invitation is often listed in the obituary as in Lieu of flowers. They are a means of saying that a person was important and will be missed. Memorial gifts may be given on the anniversary of someone’s death, or on another date significant in the life of that individual.

Honor gifts are given to honor someone who is still alive. It is a celebration of one’s life at an anniversary, birthday, or just to say thanks.

Designated Giving

First United Methodist Church has established four categories for gifts and memorials:

Missions & Growth
Funds to be used for mission outreach or evangelism/growth projects.

Education & Discipleship
Funds for children, youth and adult education and programming, and scholarships for staff, families and members of First Church.

Funds for music, technology and any aide to enhance the worship experience.

Funds to use for our buildings and grounds for improvements and maintenance.

First United Methodist Church welcomes and appreciates any gifts or memorials given.

Our Pastors will guide you in honoring and/or remembering an individual and directing funds so they are placed appropriately per your requests. Memorial Gifts will be recorded in the red memorial book that is kept in Wesley Hall.

Learn more by reading the Gifts & Memorials brochure.

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