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Giving in 2018

Over the course of several weeks, we have been thinking together about giving. And, specifically, we are thinking about giving in the life of the church. 

We affirmed that giving is a way of loving. We explored how giving to the church gets things both for us and for others, and how that giving also helps to get things done. We’ve seen how the money we give to God is just a subset of the money that we manage for Him. And, just now, we have reminded ourselves that giving is an act of worship.

With all of that before us, then, it is time for us to consider our giving for 2018.

Your pledge card, and the year of giving that it represents, is an act of love, a way of getting things done, a part of your stewardship, and an act of worship.

If I ignore my card or set it aside, that doesn’t look like love. If I fill it out hastily or thoughtlessly, that doesn’t feel like worship. And so I am challenged to handle my card with care.

You can obtain a pledge card from the church, which you may fill out and return. Or you can complete an online pledge form, which will go directly to our Financial Manager. If we will all return our completed pledge cards to the church this month, that will be a great help to our church’s leadership. They will be crafting a budget for our church for the coming year, and that budget depends upon the church family’s giving.

Giving 101: Giving and Loving

Giving 201: Giving and Getting

Giving 301: Giving and Managing

Giving 401: Giving and Worshipping



By Pastor David Kalas


Giving is an act of worship, an expression of love, and a response of gratitude. Giving is a part of how we honor God and acknowledge Him as the giver of all that we have. Giving is a way that we imitate Him and become more like Him. Giving is one aspect of our stewardship and discipleship. Giving is a means of supporting and advancing God's work in this world. And giving is one of the ways that we meet human need in our community and around the world.

Giving, therefore, is one of the loveliest and grandest things that you and I can do.

At First United Methodist Church, we aspire to be great givers. Not because that helps the church budget, but because generosity is a hallmark of the saints.


In November 2011, Pastor Kalas shared with the congregation his vision of how we are invited to give.

In November 2012, he added this personal message to the church family about our giving in the church.

In the midst of a sermon series on The Ten Commandments, we discovered some of the significance of tithing.

In November 2013, he offered his understanding of what real Christian stewardship is about -- and it goes beyond just what we give to the church.

And in 2014, we explored what it means to live out of an understanding that, whatever we have, it all belongs to someone else: A Sacred Trust, A Dotted Line, A Thousand Hills, A Question of Caring


Pledging is not the same thing as giving. A pledge is a promise to give, and it carries two benefits.

For the church, pledges are an essential part of the budgeting process. The church's committees are better able to make their plans for each year if they begin with a sense for the congregation's level of giving.

But pledges are important for the individual, as well. My pledge, after all, is one of the commitment that I have made, and I am defined by my commitments. They shape my life. They keep me from being driven by lesser things, like moods and appetites. They reflect and they implement my priorities.

And so we encourage our friends and members to pledge. You can obtain a pledge card from the church, which you may fill out and return. Or you can complete an online pledge form, which will go directly to our Financial Manager.

Thank you for both your giving and your pledging!

If you missed the sermon, "Altar Call" on November 20, 2016, you can view it via Livestream at this link: Altar Call.

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