United Methodist Women invite you to join them for fellowship and service

We are A COMMUNITY of women whose PURPOSE is:

To know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ

  • Devotions every meeting
  • Bible studies in Response magazine
  • Spiritual growth studies through Mission U
  • The Prayer Calendar (daily lectionary reading, prayer lists of missionary personnel, and projects)

To develop a creative, supportive fellowship

  • At monthly meetings
  • Working together on fundraisers
  • Celebrating births, birthdays, and achievements
  • Caring for those who are ill or who have losses

To expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church

  • By reading our mission magazines—Response and New World Outlook
  • Through our Reading Program with books in 5 categories: Spiritual Growth, Mission Education, Social Action, Nurturing for Community, and Leadership
  • Through hands-on mission work or to experience other cultures. By seeing the plights of our community and taking action

If a monthly get-together fits your schedule, the following groups meet once a month at church:

Fellowship Groups

Joining a Fellowship Group is a great way to make new friends with women of all ages, have fun, grow spiritually, and participate in the global mission of the church. If a monthly get-together fits your schedule, the following groups meet once a month during the school year at church.

These groups are an opportunity for women to get to know other women of the church through fellowship, study, missions, and service.  United Methodist Women is an international organization. Locally, we are divided into three fellowship groups which meet once a month in Wesley Hall, September through May, and twice a year as a whole in Fellowship Hall. 

Rakow/Kotas Fellowship Group meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 9:30 a.m.                      Contact: Louise Hansen, (920) 432-4762 

Wesleyan Fellowship Group meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m.                        Contact: Barb Franken, (920) 360-2778   

Mary Dorchester Sisterhood Group meets on the third Friday of the month at 1:30 p.m.                      Contact: Bev Smith, (920) 336-3597

Other Options

Another option is to join United Methodist Women as a member-at-large. Your name will be included in our annual membership book, which all UMW members will receive. You will not be a member of a Fellowship Group, but you can be included in other UMW activities. Call Janet Paine at (920)432-5005 or Mary Barrows at (920) 499-5053 for more information.

Evelyn’s Book Club (sponsored by the UMW)

This group reads books from the UMW Reading List and meets for lunch to discuss them. It is not necessary to have read the book to participate. Watch the bulletin announcements for the next meeting date as well as the book the group has selected.  Contact: Chris Hemstreet, (920) 468-7404


All women are welcome to join one of our Fellowship Groups, or join any of the following activities:

Cookie Walk & Craft Sale

This is a fundraiser, held on a Sunday morning in December, with all proceeds going to missions. Watch for details. All are encouraged to bake and buy Christmas cookies! Contact Patsy Ruppe (262) 939-8075 or Mary Harrison (920) 432-2776.

Funeral Reception Helpers

Contact Ruth Wiersma (920) 468-5562 or the church office if you are available to help serve a meal.

Help at the Red Cross Blood Drive

Three times a year UMW is asked to help check-in donors and replenish the canteen. Contact Carol Shield (920) 438-7548.

Prayer Chain (phone and e-mail)

Contact Ruth Wiersma (920) 468-5562 or Carol Shield (920) 438-7348.

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