Youth (grades 6 through 12)

Youth Sunday School with Pastor David; Gathering Area

The Apostle John is credited with writing one of the Gospels, three of the epistles in the New Testament, and the Book of Revelation. In terms of sheer volume, nearly one-fifth of the chapters in our New Testament come from John! But before we picture him in stained glass, remember that John was probably the youngest of Jesus' disciples. In fact, he was very possibly a teenager when he first met or heard about Jesus. And so we make John the patron saint of our Youth Sunday School class. What does it mean to hear about, to meet, and to begin to follow Jesus while still a youth?

For more info, contact Logan Pourchot (, or Pat ( (920) 437-9252 ext. 103.


Youth Group on Wednesdays at 6:00 PM; Ziemer Building

Youth Group is a community of high school and middle school students who come together to grow in Christ. The group meets for a time of relevant biblical teaching from God’s word. Students will often experience worship through music and prayer, and they will also have the opportunity to discuss their faith and life with leaders and students in a small group setting.

Our Fall Launch is Wednesday, September 16. Weather permitting, we’ll be grilling out and having all kinds of outdoor fun and games set up in the church parking lot. We’ll introduce leaders, have plenty of ice breaker games to get to know each other, and close the night with worship and a message from our first series called, “Squad Up.” 

What we are teaching, “Squad Up” is a six-week study on the book of Ephesians. We’ll walk through a different chapter each week and focus on how God wants us to be in community with other Christ-followers, what role we play in our “squad”, and how our “squad” can actually carry out God’s eternal purposes.

For more info, contact Logan Pourchot (, or Pat ( (920) 437-9252 ext. 103.

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