Rev. David Kalas and Rev. Dave Wilkinson are available to officiate at your wedding and to work with you in premarital counseling.

Premarital Counseling

Planning for your marriage, not just your wedding day.

At First United Methodist Church we believe that it is important for couples to participate in premarital counseling offered by the minister who will be officiating at your wedding. It is our policy that all couples take an online Relationship Assessment called PREPARE-ENRICH and then meet with the minister over a series of three to four sessions to discuss the results. In the final session you and the pastor will plan for your wedding ceremony.

Rev. Kalas and Rev. Wilkinson are trained in the PREPARE-ENRICH Assessment Tool and would be glad to work with you in preparation for not only your wedding day, but your life together as a couple as well.

For more information including fees, music, order of service, and suggested scripture and hymns, e-mail the church office.

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