Map & Parking

We are located at 501 Howe Street in Downtown Green Bay on the block surrounded by Howe, Monroe, Doty, and Madison Streets.  Visit Google Maps for more information and navigation.

Where to park

Monday through Saturday you will find ample parking in our main parking lot.

The parking spaces right in front of the Portico entrance are painted with blue stripes. This allows for flexible use of the parking lot space. On Sunday mornings, please park in blue spaces only if you need that little extra help that having a close parking space offers. If you don't need that extra help, we would ask that you park in a white space or in one of the satellite parking areas. At other times of the week, when the parking lot is not crowded, the blue spaces are available to everyone. As always, we have handicapped parking next to the Portico entrance for those requiring that space. This way, the blue spaces perform double duty – reserved for those who need them on Sunday morning, yet still offer full use of the parking lot at other times.


Sunday parking

There is plenty of parking at and around First UMC. We have a parking lot on two sides of our building. And after conversation with area businesses, we have received permission to use the following additional parking lots on Sunday morning:

  • YWCA on Madison across from Jackson Square Park
  • Green Bay Press-Gazette on Madison, just south of Doty
  • Merrill Lynch on Monroe across from church
  • Behind the Joannes Law Firm building on Monroe

With these adjoining parking possibilities, in addition to street parking, we believe there should be available parking within a two-block radius of the church building. Please see the map above. We suggest that our younger, more able members park in some of the adjoining areas allowing our older members, our single parents with young children, and our visitors to park closest to the church building.

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