Hearing Loop

Hearing Loops allow people who wear hearing aids, that are equipped, to directly receive the sound from the church’s PA system in their own hearing aids by switching to a T-coil (telecoil) program. Hearing loops help hearing aid users by broadcasting sound, without background noise or reverberation, directly into the hearing aid. The user has to switch the telecoil on and off. The sound comes into the hearing aid user's ear as if it was plugged in to the sound system. 

We have a Hearing Loop installed in our Sanctuary and Room 108. If you have a telecoil in your hearing aid all you need do is switch it on when in our Sanctuary or Room 108 and you will receive sound directly from our sound system.

Please see an usher for a handout with more information. Also, Hearing Loop receivers are available if you do not have a hearing aid but have difficulty hearing. They can be checked out at the Information Center. Please supply your own ear phones.

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